X1 Denitrator

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Neptune X1 Denitrator

For Aquariums up to 75 gallons (284L).

Comes complete with pump and Nitrate Removal media.


* Denitrification media pack

* Bio-plastic carbon food source

* Pump

* 4ft Tubing (inlet/out)

Neptune X1-DeNitrator is designed to remove nitrates from the aquarium using natural anaerobic denitrification.  This unit can be used as a highly efficient nitrate removal filtration system in both Freshwater (including Planted Aquariums) as well as Saltwater Aquariums (including Reef Systems). 

  Nitrates in the aquarium can be controlled by frequent water changing, along with limiting the biological load and excessive feedings.  A well vented wet/dry filtration system will detoxify ammonia before breaking down into nitrate.  Utilizing chemical filtration, and protein skimming will also limit nitrate levels.

  The X1-DeNitrator comes complete with a pump that ensures proper flow rate through the canister for optimum growth of anaerobic bacteria.  Anaerobic conditions are achieved by the porosity of the media and the depletion of oxygen by the aerobic process at the surface. Unlike other De-Nitrification systems, the X1-DeNitrator contains a specially designed long term carbon food source for the anaerobes.  In the absence of oxygen, these anaerobic bacteria metabolize the highly porous material and are supplied with a constant food source retaining their high density volumes within the canister.  This process enables the X-1 DeNitrator to safely and effectively accelerate the reduction of nitrates into nitrogen gas.

  There are no feedings necessary for this media.  A specially designed biological plastic food source is included within the media.  At low flow rates, this carbonate food source provides food to the anaerobic bacteria for a period of approximately 12 months.  It is recommended that the media be replaced every (8-12 months) depending on nitrate concentrations in that time frame.  If the nitrates remain low, the media can still be used. Only replace the media when nitrates begin to rise. 

  Certain DeNitrators utilize dangerous methanol feedings to boost the levels of anaerobic bacteria.  This can have an adverse effect by increasing the levels of harmful aerobic type bacteria leading to harmful pathogenic effects (Coral Bleaching, Cyanobacteria) as well as increase in levels of phosphates and sulfates as a byproduct. 

The X-1 DeNitrator uses a natural and safe method for denitrification.

   The X-1 DeNitrator will safely maintain LOW to NO Nitrate levels for many months before media exhaustion.   

Replace with the X-1 Denitrification media pack after nitrate levels begin fluctuating to higher than normal again.

  Nitrates should begin declining gradually at a concentration of about 4–5 ppm (mg/L) after about a week.  As long as nitrate concentrations remain under control, the product media is not exhausted.  Systems with high nitrate concentration in excess of 80ppm tend to have similar properties in which the rate of nitrate formation is greater than the systems natural denitrification ability.  These systems are in essence "out of control" as the organic waste byproducts are being formed at a greater rate than the filtration can remove them.  The X-1 DeNitrator will maintain LOW to NO nitrate concentrations on a volume of up to 75 gallons depending on the initial nitrate concentration and the current biological load of your system. 

  If initial nitrate concentrations are in excess of 80ppm, it is recommended to do water exchanges (50% water change) to lower the nitrates prior to installing the DeNitrator. Nitrates should be brought down to less than 20 mg/L with water changes.  If  DeNitrator is installed with nitrate concentrations over 80ppm, it will take much longer for the DeNitrator to accomplish nitrate reduction in the system.

The X-1 DeNitrator comes with 4ft of both incoming (white line) and return (blue line) tubing.

Dimensions:  4 1/4" diam.  x  11 3/4" Tall

Placement:  The X-1 DeNitrator is designed to be placed nearby a sump, under the cabinet.  The included pump is to be placed in the sump.  The pump feeds the canister, located external to the sump, and the return line re-enters the sump.  Mounting hardware can be purchased separately, if needed, to mount the canister under the cabinet.  Otherwise, the canister may rest on the floor next to the sump.  The canister may also be placed inside the sump if space is limited.

For those without a sump;  For those systems that do not have some type of sump (wet/dry filter, refugium, etc), the pump will have to be set inside the aquarium and the denitrator will have to be mounted (using the single bracket mounting plate w/screws-sold separately) next to or above the aquarium, at a near horizontal level to the pump.  You cannot set the denitrator on the floor and have the line run back to the top of the tank because the pump flow rate will not be sufficient. Providing a stronger pump will increase the flow rate within the media not allowing it to work properly.  If you do not have a sump, you must figure out a way to mount the denitrator next to or above the aquarium and at a near horizontal level to the pump (which is placed in the aquarium).