Sponge Filter 40G

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Sponge Filter - Up to 40 Gallons

The Bacto-Surge® Biological Action Filter is an air-driven sponge filter that offers superior mechanical and biological filtration for aquariums up to 40 gallons. The highly porous sponge contains a surface area with thousands of microscopic pores where aerobic bacteria, hydrated with oxygenated water, can grow and flourish.

For use in both Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums

  • Extremely porous sponge maximizes bacterial action
  • Increased surface area for maximum bacteria colonization
  • Soft sponge material is easy to clean
  • Polyether foam lasts longer
  • Uplift tube and air diffuser combination provide maximum lift
  • Other uses: can be used as a secondary filter, prefilter, and in a breeder tank


  1. Before installation, soak the sponge block in aquarium water for at least five (5) minutes.
  2. To clean sponge block, always rinse with water taken from your aquarium. Do not use tap or hot faucet water as this can damage the sponge block and impact bacteriological action.
  3. When re-installing the sponge block, submerge in aquarium water and squeeze gently to remove all trapped air inside the microscopic pores. This allows the sponge block to operate properly.
  4. For optimum performance, replace the sponge block every six (6) months. Allow the new block to soak in your aquarium water for a minimum of two weeks before installation to allow it to colonize with nitrifying bacteria.
  5. The Bacto-Surge® Sponge Filter requires a minimum of 30 days of use to operate peak performance. Care should be taken during this time to monitor your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels as the aquarium progresses through the nitrogen cycle.

NOTE: Air Pump sold separately and can be purchased on this website under "Air Pumps".