Selcon Food Supplement

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Selcon is a unique aquarium food booster that is excellent for both reef and (marine) fish aquariums.  This supplement adds vitamins, lipids, and highly unsaturated fatty acids lacking in many other aquarium fish food.

The many benefits of using Selcon include:
* Filters may be kept running
* Will not alter water chemistry
* Does not contain yeast, phosphates or nitrates
* For marine use only
* Concentrated nutritional supplement for marine fish and invertebrates
* Boosts the nutritional quality of any freeze-dried or frozen food
* Vitamin-fortified to enhance immune system function
  The bottle comes with an easy applicator dropper.  Helps cure lateral line disease, especially in Tangs and Angels.  Selcon can be used with live food, as well as frozen and freeze dried foods.
  This is the only aquarium food booster we know of that features Omega-3 fatty acids in a concentration suitable for the serious saltwater aquarist. Also contains Vitamin B12 and stabilized Vitamin C to enhance immune system function to prevent and reverse disease. Soak any freeze-dried or frozen food or feed Selcon to live brine shrimp to improve their nutritional quality. It can also be used directly in reef aquariums to benefit filter-feeding invertebrates. Treats 6,000 gallons.
Shake well, then soak any type of freeze dried or frozen food in .5ml of Selcon in a small plastic cup. After soaking, fill cup with water which can eventually be poured directly into aquarium. This will cause initial clouding of water, benefiting all filter feeding invertebrates for several hours. For invertebrate tanks, add .5ml per 50 gallons of water. Selcon can also be fed ( in a 1.0ml portion with heavy aeration) to live brine shrimp in order to enhance their nutritional value.  Wait 12 hours before releasing them into the aquarium.
Use Selcon several times per week for maximum benefit. Try a smaller dosage if the aquarium water does not clear overnight.
Selco Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids; Marine lipids - 200 mg/g.
Vitamin C stabilized (ascorbate-2-sulfate) - 200 mg.
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin - 240 mcg.