Pro Clear Redflex 4in1 Series Sump Filters

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Redflex 4in1 Series Sump Filters by Pro Clear - For aquariums up to 600 gallons


The RedFlex 4in1 is a versatile sump suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. The sump features a modern red and white design. What sets the RedFlex 4-in-1 apart from all other sumps is the 4in1 chamber.

Adaptable to fit your current reefing needs between various set up styles such as a wet/dry, berlin style, refugium, or frag grow outs. Water flows through the two overflow ports, into the proprietary bubble diffusers and through the 4 inch, 200 micron filter socks. Each sump includes an overflow panel where water can escape into the sump if the socks overflow.

The RedFlex 4in1 is equipped with a dosing, probe and wire holders, easily maintained by the built in fasteners. The 4in1 has its own Chemical Media Canal for the media of choice. Within the canal there is the option to use the unique Chemical Media Cartridges (Item#502707) specifically designed for this area to house various forms of media.

In this sump, water flows from the skimmer chamber and into the chemical media canal. Once the water reaches this area, there is the option to have the water flow into the refugium section or straight into the return compartment via the adjustable flow gate. Each refugium has a built in frag rack with options for two positions. The refugium area is blocked off by a removable water gate which can be removed to allow water to enter the return area.

Use a Chemical Media Cartridge (Item #502707, Not Included) to insert any media of your choice and put in direct waterflow, in the Chemical Media Canal.


  • For both saltwater and freshwater
  • Adaptable to various set up styles such as a wet/dry, berlin style, refugium, or frag grow outs
  • Equipped with a dosing, probe and wire holders
  • Two 3ft long 1” flex hoses
  • Bubble diffusing intakes 
  • Two 4” 200-micron filter socks 
  • Heater holders
  • Four colored dosing lines with quick connects
  • Return pump bracket
  • Frag rack
  • Foam block


MODEL TANK SIZE FLOW RATE Inlets Footprint (LxWxH) Skimmer                           Compart. (LxW) Refugium                           Compart. Return                           Compart. Filter Bags.
REDFLEX 4 IN 1 100 UP TO 100G    UP TO 400 GPH SINGLE 1" 16x16x16 7.5x5 5.5x7 5.5x7.25 1-4"
REDFLEX 4 IN 1 200 UP TO 225G  UP TO 800 GPH DUAL 1" 3x12x16 9x9 8x8.5 4.5x10 2-4"
REDFLEX 4 IN 1 300  UP TO 300G  UP TO 1200 GPH DUAL 1"  37x14.5x16 11.5x11.75 8x11 6.25x12.5 3-4"
REDFLEX 4 IN 1 400 UP TO 400G  UP TO 1600 GPH DUAL 1" 45x14.5x16 16.25x11.75 8x11 9.25x12.5 3-4"
REDFLEX 4 IN 1 600 UP TO 600G  UP TO 2400 GPH DUAL 2" 60x18x20 19.5x13.75 12x12.125 11x14 2-7"

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