Phosban GFO Media

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Phosban GFO Phosphate Media by Two Little Fishes

  • Synthetic Ferric Oxide Hydroxide
  • Use in freshwater, saltwater and ponds

Phosban comes in a bag in granular form, ideal for use in aquarium filters. The porous structure and high-surface area with multiple absorption sites can bind a large amount of phosphate.
Phosban also absorbs silicate, arsenic and water-staining organic compounds. No substances are released back into the water, even after full saturation.  Safe for continuous use in any aquarium.
Use 50 grams for each 50 gallons of saltwater, 50 grams for each 100 gallons of freshwater. Can be used for months before it needs to be replaced, depending on phosphate levels. Tank should be monitored and Phosban replaced when phosphate levels begin to rise.

Size: 150g.