Neptune Twin DI De-Ionization Water Filtration Unit

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Neptune Twin DI De-Ionization Water Filtration Unit

  • Two Refillable Resin Cartridges
  • Color Changing Resin
  • UV Resistent Tubing
  • Clear Canister Housing
  • Hanging Bracket

NEPTUNE Twin DI De-Ionization Unit - has everything it takes to make DI water with zero TDS readings without compromising efficiency and speed. Attach to your Neptune Reverse Osmosis unit to further polish the output filtered water. Can result in the highest quality, zero Total Disolved Solids (TDS) when used correctly and maintained properly. TDS meters may be purchased separately.


Neptune Filtration Systems are a unique series of professionally built water purification systems that focus on quality water production as well as user friendly operation and easy maintenance. Built with quality parts, they are designed to last for many years, producing the same quality water as they did from day one. 

Suggested Maintenance Instructions:

  • Replace Resin when 3/4 has changed color