Aquatop Media Reactor MR-20

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Media Reactor MR-20 by Aquatop

AQUATOP MR-20 Multimedia Reactor maximizes the efficiency of filter media with a reverse water flow design that eliminates water channeling through the filter media. Install in sump or hang on the tank, this versatile reactor can be used for phosphate resins, phosphate sponges, activated carbon, nitrate sponges, and other resin filter media. The high quality acrylic design makes this one of the most reliable media reactors available, and the MR-20 includes a pump and all the necessary plumbing.


  • Up-flow filtration maximizes filter media efficiency
  • Includes Aquatop's SWP-230 adjustable flow water pump and sediment discharge filter
  • Intake and output tubing included
  • Easy to remove lid with recessed o-ring
  • Ready to use with a pump and all the necessary plumbing


  • Filtration Capacity: 10-75 Gallons 
  • Flow Rate (Adjustable): 95GPH
  • Dimensions: 2.4" diameter / 15" height



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