ISTA Premium Soil Planted Substrate

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Premium Soil Aquarium Substrate by ISTA
Premium soil for the planted aquarium (4-6mm)

  • A scientifically formulated substrate from natural soil, developed into a soft, porous, and granular structure with excellent filtering power
  • Infused with organic acid suitable for shrimp, freshwater fish, and plants
  • With excellent filtering power, Premium Soil helps maintain stable, healthy, and clear water for a long period of time
  • Water condition is naturally adjusted to be ideal for aquatic plants and fish
  • Lowers PH/KH of the water to create a weak acid and soft water environment
  • Removes the color from driftwood
  • Maintains water clarity for a long period of time
  • Rapidly removes cloudiness and supports the development of aerobic bacteria

Suitable for keeping weak acid species such as neon tetras, discus, angelfish and apistos. Perfect for breeding crystal red shrimp. Creates an ideal environment for plants.

Do not rinse or wash before using.