Hanna Nitrite Ultra Low Range Checker

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Ultra Low Range Nitrite Checker by Hanna

Accurate results for your saltwater aquarium with the handheld colorimeter. 

The nitrite colorimeter fills the gap between nitrite test kits and advanced instrumentation.

  • Remove the human error from your testing
  • No need to count drops
  • Detect color changes your eye cannot
  • No calibration required
  • Get easy, quick and consistent results
  • Accurate and affordable
  • Cost efficient: Once you purchase the Checker, reagents are sold separately saving money long term

Nitrification is the biological oxidation of ammonia (ammonium ion) into nitrite followed by the oxidation of the nitrites to nitrates. The first step of this 2-step process is carried out in an aquarium by nitrifying bacteria. During this quick process, the ammonium levels drop while the nitrite levels increase. Since nitrite is just as harmful as ammonia, nitrite levels should be maintained at immeasurable levels. A mature biological filter should be able to keep nitrite levels low.
The HI764 Checker® Handheld Colorimeter bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. Chemical test kits are not very accurate, while professional instrumentation can cost hundreds of dollars and can be time-consuming to calibrate and maintain. Hanna Checker®’s are accurate, affordable and easy to use.
To begin measurements, zero the instrument with your water sample. Then add the reagent. Place the vial into the Checker®, press the button and read the results. It’s that easy.

Reads in parts per billion nitrogen-nitrite (NO2 -N)

  •  Great for new aquariums
  •  Saltwater only
  •  Comes with 6 tests, reagent refill for 25 tests: HI764-25