Cobalt Electronic Heater w/ Shatterproof Case 200 Watt

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Electronic Heater w/Shatterproof Case 200 Watt

For Aquariums up to 55 Gallons

  • Fully electronic thermostat and thermometer
  • 1-touch control system, easy to set
  • Includes reversible mounting bracket w/ suction cups
  • Computer tested accuracy +- 0.5F
  • Shatterproof outer case
  • Sleek, modern-looking flat design

Fully submersible electronic heater with advanced electronic thermostat accurate to +- 0.5F. LED displays the tank temperature and the set temperature. The heater can be set from a range of 66 degrees up to 96 degrees F. The integrated thermal protection circuitry will shut down the heater before it can overheat, and the shatterproof outer casing provide the ultimate in safety and reliability. Perfect for freshwater, saltwater and terrariums.

Three year warranty