AI Hydra 32 LED Aquaillumination Reef Light

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Hydra 32 LED Lighting Fixture by AquaIllumination (AI)

More LEDs. More Power. More Color. More Refined.

With over 20% more LEDs, these flagship lights just got brighter. Vibrance is improved with deeper blues and brighter whites. Corals will pop like never before. With over a decade of design experience, every detail has been meticulously attended to. You’ll love the result!

The World’s Most Popular Reef LEDs
The newest members of the Hydra line from AquaIllumination®, the Hydra 32 HD brings more power and color where you want it, plus the freedom to use your smartphone as a controller.

Smart Reef LED

More. That’s what you’ll get with the latest Hydra HD series lights. More LEDs, more color, more power, and a more refined design. Incorporating the features you’ve come to love such as Hyperdrive, smart control with the myAI® app and a proven track record of success. Now with dedicated moonlight. You can simulate moonlight for a warm glow or to aid in coral spawning.

Dedicated Moonlight
A dedicated moonlight channel simulates natural lunar color and intensity.

The Hydra Mounting System (HMS™) is designed to provide an easy to use, adjustable tank mount solution for the Hydra 32 & 64.

Proven Spectrum
Generations of successful coral growth. At the core of the new Hydra series is a trusted color mix designed around the needs of the reef hobbyist.


Proven Power

Plenty of growing power along with HD functionality makes the Hydra series a lighting powerhouse. With HD, when you turn down the intensity of one color, you can use that available power for other color channels.

Hydra® 32HD Specifications:

24in. height at 0.5in. resolution

Length       7.28in. (18.5cm)
Width        5.375in. (13.7cm)
Height       1.42in. (3.6cm)
Weight       2.1lbs. (0.95kg)

Power Specifications
Power Consumption     95W from the wall
Universal Input Range 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
Cable Length              14ft. 8in. (4.47m)
PSU Regulatory Compliance   UL, CE & RoHS

What's Included:
AI Hydra® 32HD
Power Adapter
Quick Start Guide