Tech CB Two Part Calcium Buffer Supplement

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Tech CB Part A & B Buffer Supplement by Kent

Two Part Calcium Supplement for Reef Type Marine Aquariums


KENT MARINE TECH CB PART A & B is an ionically balanced, complete calcium and alkalinity control regimen for all marine aquariums. When A & B are used together they will raise both the calcium and buffer levels in the system. This product is simple to apply and ideal for hobbyists seeking a low-maintenance solution to managing calcium and alkalinity levels.
TECH CB will produce an ionic residual with the composition of natural seawater.
Part A and Part B are kept separated to maintain the ion balance. There are positive ions in calcium and negative ions in buffers. If mixed together in one product this would cause a reaction and the ingredients would precipitate out of the solution.


Shake well before using. Add 10ml (2 tsp) per 40 gallons of aquarium water in a high flow area. Repeat daily until target level is reached.