Discus Essential Elements Supplement

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Discus Essential Elements Supplement by Kent

Essential Trace Minerals for Discus & All Freshwater Aquariums


KENT MARINE DISCUS ESSENTIAL replaces important trace minerals found in lakes, streams and rivers that are important to fish and plants and removed through chemical filtration. Color, overall health and vigor of fish can be negatively affected by lack of trace minerals. Can be used for all freshwater fish.

Shake well before using. Add 5 ml (1 tsp) per 30 gallons of aquarium water each week.
Carbon, resin, and pad filtration will remove trace minerals. It is recommended to use mechanical filtration several days, then remove it and dose the tank with KENT Marine Discus Essential to replace those minerals adsorbed. After several days, return filtration and repeat process.
When using reverse osmosis, de-ionized or distilled water, use KENT Marine R/O Right to replace major and minor elements removed during the purification process.
In aquariums with live plants, use KENT Marine Pro-Plant and KENT Marine Iron & Manganese to provide the additional minerals and fertilizers live plants require.