Wavemaker KPS Wifi Controllable

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Wavemaker WIFI Controllable Powerhead Pump
For aquariums up to 50 Gallons
A unique IOT pump designed for small reef aquariums. KPs provides excellent performance in a very small size unit, while providing a wide and gentle flow to accommodate the needs of LPS and SPS corals. A patented DMSS silicon support (Dual Magnet Support System) allows easy positioning of the pump. Full functionality control through the Aqamai App via WiFi.


COSTANT FLOW: the pump works by regulating a constant stream according to the percentage set in the pad.

WAVE: the pump operates by adjusting the flow, alternating, according to selected frequency ranges, the minimum value.

SMOOTH: the pump varies power between the percentage values min/max selected. Starting from the minimum value it gets to maximum value and reaches fluidly back to the minimum value, thus restarting the cycle. Time is random.

RANDOM: the pump varies power between the percentage values min/max selected according to random flow and random time.

FEED: this program works as the constant flow and allows a daily programming, to set a time under 30 minutes. This lowers or turns off the flow during feeding time.

NIGHT: this program works as constant flow and introduces energy saving for a reduce waste during the night.


  • Programmable
  • Dual magnet support system
  • Compact design
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent
  • Wifi control via the Aquamai APP
  • Gentile water flow
  • Fully customizable DC pump

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